Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bernie Man BD Bash 2014

The big day has arrived. Radha, with help from family and friends, have spruced up the house, cleaned and decorated until all is ready for Bernie's surprise Birthday Party.

Birthday balloons

The Tree of Light built and designed by Michael Doherty

New stone hearth build by Radha and Jai

New patio designed by Radha

Garden whirly-gig

Protea in bloom

Guests begin to arrive within an hour of Bernie's expected return.
Outside tables with guests

Unicorn head adorned by Dawn

more guests

Since costumes appropriate for the occasion have been requested, many come colorfully attired. Pirates are also a common theme. Hummm... does this mean Bernie's character reflects a "colorful pirate"?


Suchi & Tapan


Rory the Roman & Emily

Dean & Pam

Sandra and Ken

Sita's friends

As the time nears for the Guest of Honor's arrival, the final touches are added to the Radha's costume.
Dawn with her creation

Ivy (Radha) - the Hostess

Scott snaps photos

People assemble in the driveway just before the scheduled arrival for Bernie's surprise welcome. 
Has he come yet?

Yes - he's here! Berni, Jamal, Sita w Kalyani, Marigold, and Ivy

SambaDa strikes up the band

Bernie is surprised and delighted as he is greeted by friends and family.
Bernie enjoys his surprise

Bernie & Jeff

Hamid hugs Bernie

Nicole the face painter has a steady stream of customers.
Said, Kalyani & Nicole

Nicole is such a fun artist

The girls admire each other

The food is laid out buffet style in the kitchen area. Some of the dishes have been prepared at Dharma's Restaurant and the rest has been brought by guests.
Beautiful salads

Main dishes


... and of course, Birthday Cake! One is even complete with a Bernie Bobblehead doll.

Time has come for the birthday wish to be made and the candles to be blown out. The children crowd around to help Bernie to make sure all his candles get blown to insure his wish is granted.
Guests assemble for the candle blowing

Bernie blows out candles w kids (photo by Suchitra Fields)

Leilani, Noah, Kalyani, Bernie & Said (photo credit ?)

The celebration is on and the party is now in full swing.
SambaDa belts out dance music

Leo downs a soda

Adrian as Superman!

Noah as Spider boy

Emily the Goddess dances to the music

Arpita jests with her admirers

Of course there is still good food, drink, and conversation.

Tammy & Karin enjoy the food

Vasudev & Sally catch up

A good time is had by all

Bernie is still young at heart

Happy Birthday and many more!

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