Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2016 Jalama

For the third year in a row, we are off to Jalama Beach to meet with friends from all around California. We start by heading south on Hwy 101.
Recent rains have helped green up the crops

Barn art outside of Salinas

After a few hours of driving we exit at Vandenberg which brings us back onto two lane blacktops. These road meander through oak trees and large ranches giving us the feeling we are moving farther and farther back in time away from the highly developed modern cities and towns.
Road to Jalama

We made it!

The first order of business is to set up camp
David gets his sleeping quarters set up

RVs and campfire ring

Cathy decks out Splinter for Halloween

Then it's time to go for a walk on the beach.
Jalama Beach's high cliffs

My favorites are beach walks in the mornings with the dogs.
The pack is back together

Watch for washed up tar

Surfers are up early too

Fun finding treasures


and smooches

Vern, Kelly, Mary, Jamie, Suzy, Terry, Kendall, John

There's time to play in the waves or to just hang out on the beach.
Jamie with long board

David's chilling on the sand

Yup the water's cold

Sunny or cloudy - the ocean calls the Ladies' Boogie Board Club together to play in the surf (photos by John & Kendall).  Next year I will come prepared with a proper wet suit.
Ladies' Boogie Board Club

Washing up on shore

Suzy's having FUN

Evenings are for wonderful food and partying. On Italian night, we don mustaches to set the mood.



Cathy & Jamie

Sue & Drina

David and Terry
(Terry photo)

Kendall, Drina, & Suzy

David, Cathy, Brent, Mike
Lori, Eric, Mary, Kelly Larry, Terry, Cork
Ed, Peter Kendall, John
Bruschetta appetizers

Home cooked sauce

Dinner's almost ready

Saturday night's Hawaii theme is a big hit - especially when fueled by strong Mai Tai's. In fact, they  are so strong, that even Jamie comments on how much alcohol is in his.  Apparently our bar keeps are using full jiggers instead of halves of two kinds of rum plus various other liqueurs.  When it comes time for mine, I ask for half jiggers with lots of ice.  Although Mike and Cork readily agreed, Cork tries to distract me while Mike mixes my drink.  Bad boys - bad boys!
The bar is open - Terry, Peter & Cork

I set up sushi

Vern, Mike, Cork & David

Mike & Cork, Suzy, John & Kendall, Sue & Mary, Terry & David

The natives are getting restless

VERY restless (Kendall photo)

Were the Mai Tai's spiked with Viagra?

After dinner and clean up, we gather around a blazing campfire for music and singing.
The group campfire

It's mesmerizing

Vern brings his original songs

The fog hangs heavy on our last morning. Before packing up Peter, myself, and Cork take one last hike along the top edge of the cliffs to the south. The views are well worth the dicey trail up.
Jalama Beach camp

It's the waves that draw surfers to Jalama

BUT, it's the natural beauty that keeps calling me back year after year.

Sigh - time to go.  Same time next year?

Halloween pumpkins for sale

Back on Hwy 101 northward

John shows off his newly restored boat. Great job!

Vineyards & dry hills

El Jefe's house at top of vineyard

Rows of blueberry bushes

Castroville - almost home

Love the Giant Artichoke statue

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