Monday, November 3, 2014

Jalama Beach CA - Surf, Sun, & Fog

As on previous days, our morning walks with the dogs continue. Being a weekend, many more people are on the beach and in the water.
Morning dog walk

Surf fishermen are hoping to catch dinner

The warm weather and waves are magnets attracting surfers. We watch one surfer get a really good ride. We whistle and applaud as he comes close to shore and waves at his appreciative audience. Jamie explains whistling is a common way of appreciating a surfer for an especially good ride. A little further down the beach we spot David surfing with his wave ski and watch him for a few sets.
Nice ride

David catches a wave with his wave ski

Even with the extra people on the beach, it's still not crowded, especially by southern California standards, making it a good day to just relax and enjoy.
Peter kicking back with the puppies

Artist captures the scene

Another wonderful beach day

The sun is high and quite warm by the time we return. Since part of our shade shelters left with Sue and Jim, we decide to improvise and build an even bigger shade structure.
Kendall holds a tarp

Shade shelter is moved

Final shade masterpiece.

John's a happy camper

Anthea and Reggi enjoy the shade

and so does Checkers hanging with T-Rex

Lazy afternoon in the shade (photo by Anthea)
Jamie, me, Kendall, Suzy, Peter, Udo, John, Terri, David, Todd

Of course, the sunset is the must see show.
Sun appears to incinerate an oil platform,

much to the delight of the group (photo by Anthea)

Evening beach goers at sunset as the tide comes in

The fog returns on the morning that we need to break camp and go our separate ways. To save work, we buy our breakfasts at the Jalama Beach Store and Grill, which is famous for it's huge hamburgers. This store is the center for the local community and posts current ocean conditions on a white board just outside the entrance.
Peter, Suzy, Kendall and Cono

Fancy windsurfer

Current conditions

We take our food to a picnic table by the beach. Even though we have to leave soon, we are all smiling over the good time we enjoyed together.
Hey look - dolpins in the surf!

Kendall & John

Jamie packs up the truck

Text goes here
Ahhh Jamie - do you think you can hold much more?
Looks like there's a few more left things around.

Cono makes sure his Frisbee's not forgotten,
while John & Kendall get a kick out of Jamie's packing job

We stop at the top of the hill to admire the view and vow to be back next year

As usual, Peter and I take the back roads to Shell Beach to check out John's home there.
Looks like the fog's burning off

Classic old buildings

in downtown Guadalupe CA

The fog is still hanging in around Shell Beach by the time we reach John's neighborhood.
Fog in Shell Beach

John's house is full of his favorite activities.
Garden landscaping

Shaping his own boards

Carving Tikis

... and restoring old cars.
VW bug


Classic 'Chevy truck

John's favorite is his '37 Buick roadster which has been mostly restored.
Great dashboard

Lovely grey finish

Feels like sitting in an old movie theater

After grabbing some sandwiches at a gourmet deli and roll on home through the farmlands of the Salinas Valley.


where the farm workers labor in the fields

Back on Hwy 1 circling Monterey Bay we pass family landmarks...
Farm with Dr Seuss trees

Moss Landing Power Plant

Egret hunting in Elkhorn Slough

New overpass highlighting the main crop of the Pajaro Valley - Strawberries

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jalama Beach CA - Daily Routine

On this day, we quickly establish how we loosely schedule our days at Jalama. In the morning after breakfast, we take our dogs for a long walk on beach when the tide is low.
Checkers and Mary lead the way down the beach
Often we see surfers and their families walking the same direction towards "Tarantulas," the local surf break.
Dogs, kids and surfers

Surfer with beach umbrella

Cono likes to play ball games with Jamie by dropping his favorite blue ball down some rocks, and then either retrieving the ball or getting Jamie to toss it for him.
Cono drops his ball off rocks to Jamie

Opps - better get it!

Comp - successful recovery of the blue ball

We walk as far as we can towards Point Conception.
Point Conception is visible in the background

Along the way we see many interesting rock formations, many of which are splattered with tar. No wonder several oil rigs have set up offshore. I learn the hard way to be careful of avoiding stepping barefooted on the gooey tar. It's hard to get off, although someone in the group discovers olive oil works well to get it off.
Layered and scalloped sandstone

Odd formations

Surfer catches a wave at Tarantulas

We eat lunch after the walk. As the afternoon temperatures climb into the low 90's, we bed our dogs down for a nap.  Our rat terriers are especially spoiled as we set them on our bed in the Sprinter van with the air conditioning on. Then, us humans put our swimsuits on, grab our beach towels and toys to play in the surf. Even though the water temperature is only in the high 60's, it feels good to cool off in the waves.
Dog day afternoon - Sue & dog, Suzie and Cono, Me & Checkers, Peter & Mary, Terry & Maggie, Anthea & Reggi

For a few quarters we can clean up in the park's showers and get ready for happy hour. This evening Kendall and John are fixing a beach-side Thanksgiving feast.
Holy smoking turkey

Smells good!

Now that's a beauty!

Kendall carves turkey

Dinner is served

Early Thanksgiving with friends

Then dinner clean up and another puppy walk on the beach.
Surfliner rushes south over train trestle

Great Blue Heron

Picture perfect surf

Sunset finds us back at camp taking photos and watching nature's evening show.
Sunset paparazzi

Udo hangs loose

Another tough day in paradise

That evening we celebrate birthdays with red velvet cake...

We light a campfire, tune up guitars and sing songs around the fire.  Yes John - next year we'll bring song sheets so we'll know what we're doing.
campfire in the evening

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